Remote Communications to PLCs Using GSM Telemetry

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Remote Communications to PLCs Using GSM Telemetry
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Remote Communications to PLCs Using GSM Telemetry

Remote communications for programming and interrogation of programmable logic controllers (plc's) over the GSM mobile phone network saves time travelling to site, allows quick software modifications to be made and increases customer satisfaction. The RS232 modem port available on the IN4MA is easily connected to the PLC so all the engineer need do is create a remote data connection. The iN4MA receives the data call and realises that it's log files are not trying to be accessed or it's configuration is being changed and passes the data directly through to the modem port. The IN4MA is therefore able to be transparent operating as a GSM modem, as well as functioning as a data logger and alarm communicator.

The IN4MA utilises the GSM mobile phone network providing a global solution for remote monitoring. The IN4MA has the ability to integrate into third party devices and equipment - communicating directly with sensors, devices and other forms of equipment. It allows operators to become more cost effective in monitoring their daily business activity and it is simple and easy to install.

The IN4MA will report on changes in state and threshold movements, reporting immediately alarms, which can be sent directly to a monitoring station, a PC, a server, laptop and to a mobile phone via a SMS text message. You can view data and handle alarms using a web browser over the internet. The use of this powerful gsm telemetry device allows real time reporting across the globe using wireless techniques viewing data on their mobile phone, their computer or any Internet capable device.

The IN4MA provides the user with accurate and immediate information, in real-time, providing instant fault reporting and diagnostics. The wireless techniques mean reduced data collection costs, increased productivity and process control with fast and easy installation.

IN4MA remote GSM telemetry unit

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