Services and other products from Powelectrics

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Powelectrics Sensing and Telemetry Solutions
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Services and other products from Powelectrics

Sensor Distributors

EGE are a manufacturer whose sensors Powelectrics use to solve sensing applications in the UK

Powelectrics are the UK distributors for a number of sensor manufacturers, offering automation and control components to the process and manufacturing industries. Sensing solutions for flow, level, pressure, temperature, position, colour, size, shape and many more are readily available, with expert engineers available to ensure the product selection and application is correct.

Radio Telemetry.

Powelectrics are also distributors and system integrators for Radio Data Technology, providing wire-free telemetry solutions using low power radio frequencies. Powelectrics lead the way in providing such solutions to general industry with particular expertise in the water and chemical industries.

From surveys, system design, installation, commissioning and ongoing support, Powelectrics have the resources and capabilities to meet your needs.

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