What applications can In4ma be used for?

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What applications can In4ma be used for?

An IN4MA data acquisition unit at work.

There are a great many applications for the IN4MA – monitoring storage tanks for chemicals, cryogenic gases, animal feeds or fuel (petrol, diesel…); monitoring pump sets, gearboxes, air conditioning units, air compressors, vehicles, the list goes on.

IN4MA is a product family designed to enable you to monitor equipment, wherever you are, wherever your equipment is. It uses different modes of communication such as the mobile phone network and satellite to send data to computers, mobile phones, fax machines and to the internet.

The IN4MA is a highly flexible piece of telemetry equipment, interfacing to a range of different sensor types and industrial equipment, providing wireless data acquisition solutions right across the globe.

Most products within the IN4MA range are wireless. Having a wire free solution means that installation is very quick and easy, there are reduced risks from lightning and the instrument is isolated from your customers plant.

Read more about telemetry applications and sensing applications.

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