What is telemetry?

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What is telemetry?

Telemetry is the remote measurement or the remote collection of data which can be physical, environmental or biological. Telemetry is typically used to gather data from distant, inaccessible locations, or when data collection would be dangerous or difficult for a variety of reasons. In telemetry, specialized instruments perform measurements of physical quantities, and store or transmit the resulting signal - sometimes after some initial signal processing or conversion.

The IN4MA range of GSM Telemetry products have been created as a universal wire free monitoring devices that work across the mobile phone networks. The IN4MA remote telemetry unit was created for mainstream industrial applications, encompassing areas such as process control, instrumentation, and manufacturing, as well remote meter reading, condition monitoring and vendor managed inventory. Application possibilities are almost endless, as the IN4MA has the ability to integrate into third party devices and equipment, communicating directly with sensors, devices and other forms of equipment. It allows operators to become more cost effective in monitoring their daily business activities and it is simple and easy to install.

The IN4MA can report on changes in state and threshold movements, reporting immediate alarms on system faults, failures and change in performance. Alarms can be sent directly to a monitoring station, a PC, laptop and to a mobile phone via a SMS text message - which provides maintenance staff and engineers with real-time reporting. By using our web enabled data acquisition tools users can look at historical data to help them make educated decisions quickly and easily over the internet.

Telemetry saves time, reduces overheads, improves customer satisfaction, provides additional selling features and in many applications has a rapid payback. The low cost of ownership coupled with the expertise of Powelectrics ensures a cost effective and reliable solution is always available.

Read more about telemetry and telemetry applications.

Telemetry is the collection of data from remote sources

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