CSO monitoring

02 September 2005

In order to monitor Combined Sewer Outfalls (CSO monitoring) Powelectrics have introduced the Metron ATEX.

This weatherproof and compact device has datalogging capablities and an integral GSM engine allowing both GPRS and text message (SMS) communications.


With interfaces to both analogue and digital sensors, the Metron will provide power to the sensors and report upon alarm as well as record the actual level for more detail analysis of the event.

Powelectrics are very experienced in the design and application of remote monitoring solutions and as such have designed the Metron ATEX to be both easy to use and reliable.

The units draws less than 5 microamps and uses advanced power control techniques to ensure optimum battery life and reliable communications.

The Metron ATEX is fully approved for use in Zone 1 environments.

We are able to offer a complete solutions as well as stand alone hardware. From simple alerts to your mobile phone to fully integrated solutions with data being transparently mapped to your servers.


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