GPRS ATEX Telemetry goes on show

06 May 2008

Powelectrics introduced the world to hte Metron ATEX, GPRS ATEX telemetry device at the AEGPL show last week and it has immediately attracted alot of interest.

Combining low cost, long battery life and GPRS communications in a single compact enclosure makes the Metron ATEX ideal for a wide range of applications,including meter reading, tank level monitoring and CSO monitoring.


The METRON ATEX from Powelectrics is capable of monitoring 6 sensors with just one telemetry unit. The unit is battery powered with 5 year battery life, making the unit easy to install. The METRON ATEX uses the GSM mobile phone network – no access to the customer property to install, no need to use the customers phone line. The device is flexible – there are variations to suit large bulk tanks as well the more common small ones. The Metron is easy to test – giving you full confidence that the system is working before you leave site and it includes temperature monitoring.


Data is delivered directly where it is needed, with simple web based interfaces provided for data presentation and collection. The integration of the data into existing business systems is easily achieved and further benefits can be made. With user configurable alarm levels the telemetry solution becomes pro-active.



One outstanding feature of the Metron ATEX is the battery performance. We have used advanced electronic techniques to ensure that the battery life is optimized, as well as the signal strength maximized, even at low temperatures.


Powelectrics have been providing data communication solutions to 5 continents for over 15 years and have seen the advances in wireless based telemetry at first hand. Powelectrics supply telemetry solutions to a wide range of industries. The key to success is in offering proven, stable technology coupled with an ‘end to end’ approach. By putting all the pieces of the jigsaw together Powelectrics are able to ensure projects are delivered within budget and on time. Powelectrics supply the sensor, the telemetry outstation, the sim card, the installation and maintenance and the data hosting, leaving you to do what you are good at. We have a short movie available on ‘youtube’ giving you a quick outline of Powelectrics and the Metron ATEX: 



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