People Counting

14 January 2005

Powelectrics have successfully completed a pilot scheme in the retail sector for people counting (or footfall). The ingenious solution enables the client to view how many people visit a store and when by the simple click of a mouse.


Above each door used by the public, Powelectrics have installed an infra-red array which counts people. The use of a 2 dimensional infra-red array means that the system can count accurately even if more than one person enter or leave at the same time, as well as determining the direction of travel.

These counts are taken then by an IN4MA-pc and recorded with a time/date stamp. Overnight the recorded data for the day is transferred using the GSM mobile phone network to a server which in turn presents the data on the internet. The customer then points his browser to correct web site, enters the required username and password and navigates to the retail outlet which they are interested in.

Once at the web site then various reports can be created over different time frames. The web site even allows graphs to be produced. By using RFID tags Powelectrics have also been able to count staff movements. The system detects the tag when the member of staff passes through the door and assigns the count as staff rather than public.


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