Telemetry System

21 September 2006

The Metron Telemetry System from Powelectrics has opened new markets and new applications in the filed of remote monitoring, giving the user something easy to use and cost effective.

The Metron is a battery powered GSM Telemetry device using the mobile phone network to communicate information from remote locations to a mobile phone, a computer or even the internet.



The Metron is battery powered, making installation very quick and easy. The wireless telemetry system has a built in screen which helps the installer check the unit is operating OK. The Metron is programmed quite simply by just sending text messages.

The Metron Telemetry system is compatible with the Gateway, a web based data hosting service. The information sent out by the Metron can be collected on the Gateway where the user can gain access over the internet. Here the user can export the data to other applications, draw graphs and create reports.

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