Using the Pocket GSM as a GSM modem

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Using the Pocket GSM as a GSM modem

Using the Pocket GSM as a GSM modem

The Pocket GSM has a 9 pin D type connector for standard RS232 serial communications.

It operates using the standard 'AT' command set. In order to get full functionality out of the serial port then the Input/Output functionality of the Pocket GSM has to be disabled by issuing the commands AT+WOPEN=0 followed by the save command (AT&W).

The Pocket GSM can interface a wide range of Baud rates, with different handshaking modes and can be set to automatically answer etc.. You can use the Pocket GSM connected to a programmable logic controller (PLC) to allow remote programming functionality, or you could connect to an existing data logger for remote data acquisition.

Download full Pocket GSM Programming Manual as a pdf Pocket GSM Programming Manual
updated August 2005
[ 305kb ]

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