The battery powered Metron is a GSM telemetry device that will send text messages directly to your mobile phone and to our internet gateway.

Utilising the latest microprocessor technology coupled with state of the art GSM engineering the new IN4MA provides the most economical solution for remote telemetry with the added advantage of being self powered to ease installation and maintenance.

The use of GSM (mobile phone) as the means of communications means there is no need to install a phone line making the system flexible, portable and removes the need for customer interaction.


  • Information and alarms can be sent by text message, GSM data call or by GPRS
  • Information can be viewed on either your mobile phone or on the Internet via a secure username and password using our Gateway
  • The unit can be programmed locally or remotely
  • For remote programming there is an easy to use free of charge software package.
  • There is little or no training involved.
  • The IN4MA Metron is battery powered, with a typical life of 5 years.
  • The unit is normally asleep and periodically wakes up, powering the sensors (the Metron includes sensor excitation) and the GSM modem as required.
  • The IN4MA Metron has been tested with the P43 series of ultrasonic distance sensors to produce an excellent low-cost remote tank level monitoring solution.

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