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Latest News from IN4MA

> LPG Distribution savings
> GPRS Datalogger
> GPRS ATEX Telemetry goes on show
> Monitoring Unsatisfactory Intermittent Discharges from CSO’s
> LPG Telemetry
> Low Temperature Telemetry
> Tracking systems for hazardous chemicals
> Remote Meter Reading
> ATEX Telemetry
> Alarm Dialler
> Asset Monitoring
> LPG Tank Telemetry
> Battery Powered ATEX Certified GSM Telemetry Unit
> Low cost vehicle tracking
> Metron D - GSM Alarm Dialler
> Battery Powered Wireless Telemetry Power Curve
> Battery Powered GSM Telemetry with Pulse Inputs
> Wireless Data Acquisition has Environmental Impact
> GSM Telemetry helps prevent Legionnaires' disease
> Complete Environment Monitoring Solution
> Radio Telemetry on steel works
> Illuminated Advertisement Monitoring
> Tank level telemetry
> Überwachen Sie Ihre Ausrüstung dort, wo Sie oder Ihre Ausrüstung sind!
> Telemetry System
> Telemetry Monitoring
> Low power radio telemetry and GSM telemetry combine
> Wireless Telemetry goes on show
> Telemetry tips
> Radar Level Sensors
> M2M
> Battery powered wireless telemetry
> Telemetry steals the show
> Self powered telemetry
> Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
> Battery powered telemetry
> Flow meter reading
> CSO monitoring
> Monitoring road tankers
> Remote condition monitoring
> Internet fleet tracking
> Radio Telemetry
> People Counting
> Telemetry for Control
> Powelectrics form a strategic partnership with BOX Telematics
> Pocket GSM goes low power

All pages in section: About

> About IN4MA from Powelectrics Limited
> About Powelectrics Limited
> How to Find Us
> Services and other products from Powelectrics
> Links to friends of IN4MA

All pages in: Products section

> IN4MA wireless remote monitoring solutions. (home)

IN4MA Metron

> Metron

IN4MA Pocket GSM

> GSM Alarm Dialler

IN4MA PC Information Pages

> Remote GSM Telemetry Unit
> IN4MA GSM Remote Telemetry Unit hardware
> Using computer software to view data and handle alarms
> Web based data acquisition using the IN4MA
> Remote monitoring applications using GSM Telemetry

All pages in section: Applications

> Remote tank level monitoring
> Wireless remote monitoring units for Pumps
> Leakage detection using remote monitoring and data logging
> Remote measurement systems and alarm diallers in farming
> Wind farm data management and remote equipment condition monitoring
> Remote condition monitoring using wire free telemetry
> Wireless data acquisition for remote meter reading
> Remote chemical tank monitoring and supply chain management
> Remote LPG tank level monitoring
> Automated 24 hour remote condition monitoring
> Data capture for remote people counting
> Real time monitoring of server rooms
> Automatic remote alarm monitoring in communications rooms
> Web based monitoring of bulk storage tanks holding animal feed
> Bulk tank monitoring of printing ink allows inventory management
> M2M for Air compressors
> HVAC equipment monitoring
> Wireless outstations for flood warning
> Wire free remote monitoring units to help reduce pollution in our rivers
> Telematics, vehicle tracking and remote asset management
> GSM telemetry for monitoring sewage pumping stations
> Wireless telemetry outstations in the broadcast industry
> Wire free security alarms
> Remote data acquisition for food machinery
> Telemetry and auto start systems for self-priming pumps
> Remote monitoring for combined sewer overflows (CSO)
> Wireless video over GSM telemetry networks
> Remote communications to plc's using GSM Telemetry
> Remote billing techniques using GSM Telemetry

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Pages in Glossary of Telemetry Terms

Alarm, Analogue, Automated data collection, Battery, Cable free installation, Calibration, Cellular, Cellular engine, Channel, Coverage, Data, Data acquisition, Digital, Explosion proof, GPS, GSM, GSM telemetry, Historical information, Host, Hydrostatic sensor, IN4MA, Input, Intrinsically safe, Inventory control, Level, Log interval, Logging, Low power, Low power radio systems, Network operation centre, Program, PSTN, Pulse, Readings, Remote industrial monitoring, Remote inventory control solution, Remote monitoring, Remotely configured, RS232, RTU, SCADA, Scaling, Scripts, Sensors, Serial port, Slave, SMS, Telemetry, Text message, Transmit interval, Ultrasonic, Vendor managed inventory, VMI

All pages in: Frequently Asked Questions

> Can I receive alarms from my IN4MA system?
> Can I use the IN4MA overseas?
> Can IN4MA units be programmed remotely?
> Can Powelectrics offer compatible sensors?
> Can the IN4MA be installed anywhere?
> Do I have to view my data on the web?
> Does the website support multi level user access?
> How can I minimise damage due to lightning?
> How do I find Powelectrics?
> How does IN4MA reduce my logistics costs?
> How easy is In4ma to program?
> How easy is installation of IN4MA units?
> How often are readings taken?
> How often is data transmitted?
> How will the IN4MA improve my customer’s confidence?
> How will the IN4MA remote monitoring help my industry?
> I haven’t got a mobile phone signal, what can I do?
> Is In4ma security protected?
> Is IN4MA used for Data Acquisition?
> Is In4ma weatherproof?
> Is IN4MA well suited to tank level monitoring?
> Is web enabled data secure?
> What applications can In4ma be used for?
> What are the advantages of a cable free installation?
> What are the applications within remote industrial monitoring?
> What data can be viewed on the internet?
> What is a Hydrostatic level sensor?
> What is an Ultrasonic level sensor?
> What is GSM?
> What is in4ma?
> What is PSTN?
> What is SCADA?
> What is SMS?
> What is telemetry?
> What is VMI?
> What methods are available for measuring the level or product within a tank?
> What type of sensors will interface to the IN4MA?
> Why use Powelectrics?
> Will the unit transmit immediately upon alarm?

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